Tips on Improving Your Real Estate Website’s Results on Google

Are you wondering what your competition is doing that is giving them the top spot on the results page of Google and other search engines, while your well-made real estate site is stuck with a much lower ranking? Are you interested in fixing this unfortunate oversight by the search engines? If so, continue on as this article provides real estate SEO tips that are sure to propel your website to a much higher rank. Let’s get started!First of all, when you type in your website’s name, and it still doesn’t show up at all on Google and other search engines, it is entirely possible that none of the search engines even know that your website is online, and ready to be indexed! Fixing this obvious dilemma is very quick and simple. So, for your first tip, simply go to each of the search engines that you would like to have index your website, and submit the link to your site. The exact steps are different for each search website, so be sure to check out the help sections of these search engines for a detailed guide.Your next tip is to get as many websites to link back to your own real estate website as possible. The more popular the website that is linking to your website, the more points that are awards to your own site by Google and other search engines. This may mean you have to email, or otherwise contact, the owner of these popular sites to request a link going back to your own site. Please be advised that some site owners will ask a fee to post such a link, especially if they know that they are the owner of a particularly popular website.The next tip involves making sure that you insert relevant keywords to any links that point to other pages within your website. Let’s say you have a link to a page about brick homes in California, for example. Instead of giving this link a generic name like “page5.html”, give it a more descriptive name like “brick_houses_in_southern_california.html”. By doing this, you are helping the search engines make better sense of your website. You are effectively telling them what to expect when they visit that link by including these keywords. They will thank you for your extra work by rewarding you with a higher rank when someone searches for these same keywords.The final tip is often overlooked, but always important. This process involves making sure that all of the content on your website is free of errors. Potential sources of error include server error, page coding error (e.g., JavaScript and HTML error), and even spelling and grammatical error. If your website loads too slowly, includes links to websites full of spam, or contains nonsensical sentences, search engines will be hesitant to rank your website higher than your competition.By successful implementing these 4 real estate SEO tips, search engines will be sending visitors to your website in no time!